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Are your student loans…..

  •  in Collection or Default?
  •  Garnishing your Federal Tax Return?
  •  Credit Suffering?
  • Withholding money out of your payroll check?
  • To high that you cant afford to make the monthly payment?
  • Making your credit rating suffer?
  • Keeping you from purchasing a home or new vehicle?
  • Keeping you from getting a better paying job, because the employer requires all applicants not to have a defaulted student loan?
  • Forcing you to take jobs that pay you cash, below what you should be making, because of the income tax garnishment?
  • Keeping you from filing a tax return for years, making it impossible to gain any credit worthiness?
  • Have you embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, because you have been lead to believe it is your fault?
  • Keeping you from going back to school to finish your education?
  • The balance increasing faster than you can pay on it, making it impossible to ever come out from underneath the loan?

If you have answered yes to anyone of the questions, it doesn’t have to be like that. We can help, we have heard and seen all these situations and everyone one of them has been turned around.

The secret to resolving your student loan is no secret at all. Everyone of the situations has been resolved just by filing the correct documents.

We don’t have an inside person at the Department of Education and we don’t have a special program only we can use, its just properly completing the documents the Department of Education has set forth.

We submit the exact documents that your servicer completes and sends to the Department of Education. No one company or person has the authority to do anything else but that.

You can continue and file on your own at no cost, have your servicer assist you at no cost or like our clients before you, hire us to research, complete and submit the documents on your behalf.

Our service isn’t for everyone, although for the ones that it is , they rest assured their interest are being taken care of and they will be in the program that best fits their personal needs.

We offer a 100% guarantee and have never had to refund anyone, period.



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