• Forbearance

  • Deferment

  • Economic Hardship

  • Graduate Fellowship

  • Reaffirmation Agreement

  • Rehabilitation Agreement

  • Repayment Plans

  • Student Loan Forgiveness

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness

  • Unemployed Deferment

  • Payment programs

  • Defaulted multiple times

  • Payroll Garnishment

  • Tax-Refund Garnishment



You may already be approved for student loan forgiveness or a reduced monthly payment of zero dollars a month.

(The Department of Education considers a zero dollar a month payment an on time payment if enrolled in the correct program)

Qualifying Question

1. Are you out of school?

        2. Employment and making less than $1000 a week?

        3. Do you have any Children?

4. Are you in Default?

5. Are you behind on your student loan payments?

6. Are your wages /Tax Refund Being Garnished?

7. Are You employed In Public Service?

8. Any Circumstances That Prevent Or Have Caused You Undo   Hardship?

We have a referral program would you be interested in referring 5 individuals to receive free service?

If you answered yes to any of the eight questions there are documents that can be completed to get your payments reduced to Zero and or if in default, get you out of default and a new monthly payment of Zero.

The Department of Education has documents and procedures to assist everyone no matter how bad it seems, your not the first person or will be the last person to need assistance

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