Three Steps To Putting Your Student Loan Behind You

Break your chains and put your student loans behind you. Everyday that goes by increase the chances of going into default grow even higher.
According to the Department of Education there is a period of time, a window of opportunity, depending on your situation. If you let that time pass because you are frightened and do nothing you may loose your right to file the appropriate documents needed.


The information we use in preparing your document submission is from your interview* and the research we do after we speak.

Your individual circumstances will help us present all the programs the Department of Education has for your current situation.

*Most initial interviews take less than 15 minutes 


We present you with all the programs the Department of Education has available. You chose the one that is best for you. As throughout the whole process we are here to answer any question you may have before, during and after discloser.


We complete all forms and documentations required for acceptance into your program . Upon submission of your document file to the Department of Education we monitor and keep you informed along the way.
Most program choices are accepted by the Department of Education within six weeks.
Advocate of Students has a 100% acceptance rate